Frequently Asked Questions
CharityDEX is an open-source protocol for exchanging Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens and donating ETH to charity organizations. CharityDEX rewards contributors with fungible tokens whenever they contribute to well-known worldwide charities that accept Ethereum donations.
What is CharityDEX protocol?
CharityDEX is the only open-source protocol that rewards donations with tokens using which SFT can be purchased.
Why protocol is unique?
To donate to charity or exchange tokens, connect a Web3 wallet to the CharityDEX Interface. Remember that each Ethereum transaction costs Ether (ETH). For more information, please visit the instructions page.
How do I use CharityDEX?
On GitHub, you can see the protocol's source code. In addition, we have an audit that demonstrates our reliability.
How do I know that my funds went to the right charity?
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